The Main Services We Offer

How To Get 20-50 NEW Customers Every Month Using An Unknown Source That Delivers Exclusive Phone Calls From Qualified Prospects In Your Service Area Wanting Your Services."

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My Business (3 – Pack) Optimization

Local Business Leads

Image heads-up our Rank and Rents Website Serice.

Rank and Rent

1. We offer a Facebook Social Posting Service to provide regularly updated Facebook Pages. If you are finding it hard updating your page frequently, this could be for you!

2. Our most popular service is Google My Business (3 – Pack) Optimization to raise local business presence in the Search Results, and in Google Maps, for local businesses.

3. We provide website creation, and updating for your businesses, plus video creation according to client requirements. These can be anything from video ads for Facebook and Instagram advertising to full length instructional and training videos.
4. We offer a local business leads service which can be up and running providing new business opportunities in a matter of just hours.

The method we use is Google Adwords advertising. We have a rarely known twist to the Adwords set-up which means we can obtain those ads at a consistently lower price than our competitors. Ask for a demo lead supply, and only pay for leads you consider worthwhile.

5. In our Rank and Rent offering we build a website in your business niche. There is no charge and NO RISK to you. Nothing to pay, until we send you leads, at which time we rent the website to you (with all the leads generated), for as long you wish.

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