Video Editing Software for Schools – With Unlimited 14 Day Free Trial

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Children love nothing better than to watch videos!

So how much would they enjoy being able to study a subject in class, and then quickly and easily make their own unique video about it, and maybe even show it to their class?

Hi! Teachers everywhere! Don’t you think that it would create their interest, and inspire their creativity!

Well, we are truly excited because one of our favourite video creation softwares, which we use every day to create some of our best videos, has now been specially modified to include school course content, to do just that! It’s called “Easy Sketch Pro Schools Edition”.

The company that is providing this educational video creation software didn’t even realise how popular their software was proving with children, until adult buyers started to complain that their children were constantly hogging their computers to play with Easy Sketch Pro, and so much so, that their parents were having to wrestle their computers back from their kids in order to use them!

We decided that this, Video Editing Software for Schools, deserves a much larger platform than it has so far received, so we are offering it here, from our website.

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Panels showing how EasySketch Pro for Schools benefits.

We are also delighted to be able to offer 14 days of free use of this software for your school, completely free of any charge, while you and your pupils try it out. That can be just your class, or the whole school, who can can download the software for 14 days, make videos in the classroom, and install it on their computers at home for use when doing homework exercises etc.

It also covers every topic, for any school at any age. How can that be?

It is simply done because, when you start your free trial you tell the software company what course content you want your children to be given access to. The staff at the software company add the images and diagrams, sketches etc., into the special version made for your school. If the course content is not already available they will work with you to find suitable images, diagrams, and cartoon images etc., to add to the software package made available to your school.

It is this availability within the software, of the materials relevant to the course work of each class, that makes this so educationally successful.

In addition, the “whiteboard” style of videos that this software creates are so appealing, and the software so simple to pick-up, that using it is quite infectious.

More benefits of Easy TExt Pro are shown on this panel.In short, it raises the children’s creativeness, and a large number of teachers are finding that it makes learning so much more interesting for their pupils.

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