Video Choices

video productionSales videos, and explainer videos are quickly becoming the new text. Your site users now expect you to communicate important aspects of your business offerings by video. We can help by making these for you, in a variety of styles.

You do not need to have a website to display your video on. Just upload it to YouTube for free, and videos get much more natural traffic without any further promotion, than web pages, so you win all round.

If you have not started to use videos for your promotions, then now is the time to start, with the highly competitive rates we offer you can hardly lose!

Style 1 – Whiteboard Video

These whiteboard videos are popping up everywhere, and the reason for that is that they consistently log longer average viewing times before visitors move on. A visible link to the appropriate website is provided throughout, and a “call to action” is included at the end of the video. This is a great choice for business sites, and for explaining detailed technical issues. A voice over is not usually provided, as the aim is to get the viewer to watch and absorb the text as it is written, but a catchy background music track is included, according to the customer’s preference.

Style 2 – Cartoon Style with Animation

Cartoon style videos are extremely popular because they hold the attention of the viewer, and business people are now used to seeing cartoon characters being used to convey serious messages. The big advantage is that the cartoon-style lends itself to the creation of a personalized story. Marketing professionals have long been aware that telling a story about someone’s experience is highly effective at grabbing a person’s attention and in a small way, their trust. It isn’t logical, but us humans are just wired that way! So, if you have a topic that lends itself to a short story within a couple of slides, we recommend this style.

Style 3 – Presentation Style

The presentation style of video has been around since it first became possible to record a voice track to read-out the text on a slide. They contain the minimum of distraction from the message, (especially if the backing track is omitted). When well-written, these videos can lead to some of the highest conversion rates of any video style. We appreciate that not everyone will find the computer voice-over acceptable (we have a variety and US accents available). We do provide professional voice-overs to the customer’s requested national accent, but as requirements vary so much we ask that you email us with your voice-style preferences, so that we can provide a quote for your chosen national accent and video duration.

Our presentation style videos come with a synthetic voice-over in English only, as standard, but email us if you seek an alternative language, and we will check for you to see whether we can provide the wording you seek, synthesized in your language. Our voice synthesizer software has provision for multiple common language speaker selection, so we will let you know if we can accommodate your language.


Our video creation prices are listed below. If the option you seek is not listed here, please use out Contact Form to email us your request and we will quote you personally for your specific needs.

  • Up to 90 seconds
  • £99
  • Channel intro style
  • Whiteboard or
  • Presentation style
  • with synthesised voice
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  • 91 – 180 seconds
  • £175
  • Short informational
  • Whiteboard or
  • Presentation style
  • with synthesised voice
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  • 3 – 6 minutes
  • £300
  • In-depth info
  • Whiteboard or
  • Presentation style
  • Human voice
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All prices are inclusive of VAT (UK).

After purchase you will be redirected to our “Thank You” page, where we ask that you provide your instructions for the style of video you seek. We ask that you either include the text script and any images you would like included in the video, or simply point us toward existing web pages, or pages which contain the content you wish us to include in the video.

Video production is normally completed within 3 to 4 working days, from the date that we receive your full instructions.